Q: What IS the first step in obtaining a medical Marihuana certification?

A: In order to make the process as smooth as possible, it is important to be prepared with medical records that demonstrate your need for a medical marihuana card based on a list of qualifying needs that you can find HERE.

Q: What HAppens next?

A: After you have obtained the necessary documents you can call us to set your pre-registration appointment. At this appointment we will have you fill out all necessary paperwork and receive the necessary medical documents for the doctor to review. At this appointment we will take a $25 deposit and schedule the next date for you to come in and be approved by the doctor.

Q: what happens when I meet with the doctor?

A: A very simple interview process where the doctor reviews your medical history and determines your eligibility. The $25 fee will now be used to pay a portion of your $124.99 fee that covers your doctor visit and club membership to our sister store - Pure West Compassion Club where you can obtain your necessary medication.

Q: What if I am approved or disapproved?

A: Based on whether the state approves or denies your medical marihuana certification, you will receive your card or a letter in the mail detailing your approval/denial.

Q: How long does the process take?

A: This really depends on your schedule and how it matches up with our doctor visits. Our doctor only comes to our Holland location once every week/week and half. If a patient does not receive a denial letter within 20 business days from the date the MMP receives an application, the registry ID card should be received within 60 days but some individuals receive their card after just 10 days.

Q: What are the total costs associated with the process?

A: $124.99 to see the doctor, get club membership, and for Pure West to take car of the paperwork.
$65 to send to the state for non-caregiver status and $85 for caregiver status (Pay at the clinic, Pure West send a check on your behalf)
$99 yearly renewal fee that occurs at start of second year

Q: What If I Already have a med card?

A: No worries, we have you come by the clinic to validate all your information, and then it is a $50 membership fee to have access to the club for purchasing your medicine.

Q: Can I streamline My pre-qualification appointment?

A: Yes, absolutely. By clicking on the “forms” tab in our navigation menu, you’ll have the opportunity to fill out the paperwork before you come in. Print these out and bring them in when you come to your pre-qualification appointment.

Q: Where can i buy medical marijuana?

A: Once you have been certified by the state, you can shop at our sister store right next door - Pure West Compassion Club.

Q: What is a caregiver?

A: a medical marijuana patient may designate a primary caregiver is held responsible to dispense and grow up to 12 plants on their behalf or the qualifying medical patient. They must be 21 years of age or older.

Q: why is marihuana SPELLED with an h, rather than a j?

A: marihuana is one of two acceptable spellings in the dictionary and is consistent with the spelling in the Michigan public health code, ACT 368 of 1978, and Initiated Law 1 of 2008.